Blueberry-Almond Muffins


My little sister, who is not so little anymore, is going to become a mama. For the first time, I am going to become an aunt. I am a mom of two young girls so I’ve been through the drill of pregnancy and early motherhood but becoming an aunt is so special.

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Preserved Lemon Pearl Couscous Salad


Are you wondering what to do with your jar of preserved lemons? I made a large jar this winter and this Pearl ( also known as Israeli) couscous salad is a great vessel for these salty beauties. Continue reading “Preserved Lemon Pearl Couscous Salad”

Avocado Crema

IMG_2190How did I ever forget the deliciousness of avocado crema? In honor of a past Cinco de Mayo, I whipped this up as a dip but you could also use the crema as a topping for anything where you want to add a boost of flavor.

It tastes great with eggs, vegetarian burgers,  zucchini fritters or fish. It is the perfect accompaniment to taco night on a warm summer evening.
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