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I’ve created this section to share tips and stories related to managing my childrens’ allergies.  I hope that by scrolling through the different tabs, you’ll find useful resources to help your family wherever you are in your allergy journey.

What’s it like to live and care for two young girls who have allergies? The good news is that it’s manageable. We have a compassionate group of friends, classmates and family. In addition, we’re part of a supportive online community which offers us many resources to help manage their health.

It’s not always easy. We have to manage our children’s health everyday. Our youngest child, Aleena has multiple, anaphylactic food allergies.  Keeping Aleena safe requires vigilance. Our eldest daughter, Saira has cold-induced asthma, eczema and seasonal allergies. Both of my girls have been in and out of the hospital on multiple occasions.

When our children were given a diagnosis for food allergies, eczema and asthma, we were sent home with reading materials. The doctor recommended a few online resources. That’s it! It’s as if they were told their clothes are on backwards. But allergy life is complex. A new level of anxiety sets in.

Like any new health condition requiring an adjustment, my husband and I quickly realized that we needed to snap out of our funk and take control. The only way we could keep both of our daughters safe was to know exactly what was in their food.  I started cooking everyday which gave me peace of mind because there was no more second-guessing ingredients. We were the ones controlling their health by cooking with organic, whole foods. This was how My Berkeley Kitchen came to fruition; a place to share recipes and love of all things food related, with an allergy-friendly focus.

Living with allergies impact many facets of your life; emotional, social and physical. With any ongoing health condition, it’s a work in progress but we believe that living with allergies means you must be prepared and not paranoid. Living by this motto helps us manage our anxieties on a daily basis.

There are many great online resources available today. When we started our journey, it was very limited.  Please feel free to email or follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more allergy-related recipes, articles and resources.

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*Note:  None of the advice or tips related to allergies are intended to be used as medical advice. The stories I share here are simply experiences and practical tips that have helped my family in our allergy journey. Please always consult your allergiest and/or medical doctor/team.  For more information, see Copyright & Disclaimer Policy.