Mango Achaar ( Spicy Mango Pickle)

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This mango achaar is a special South Asian condiment that is both spicy and sweet and uses the best of summertime mangoes. It is a no bake recipe and a nice introduction to achaar.

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Fig Chutney


Every summer, my brother in law’s family brings me fresh figs, hand picked and delivered from their tree in Southern California. Usually I turn the batch into fig jam but this year I made a sweet and slightly spicy fig chutney. Continue reading “Fig Chutney”

Vanilla Bean Ghee


A few months ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed. Jessie from Sporks and Foons (I love the name) posted a picture of her delicious waffles. In her caption she mentioned that the waffles were topped with vanilla bean ghee.

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