Allergy Friendly Cooking

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Since everyone’s allergies vary in scope and severity, the term “allergy friendly” may mean different things to you. There is not a one size fits all for allergies.

My daughter has anaphylactic food allergies to the following:

  • all tree nuts( except almonds)
  • peanut
  • sesame seeds, including tahini

She is also allergic to:

  • poppyseed
  • hemp seed
  • chia seed
  • flax seed

My recipes exclude the above foods and are adapted to fit her needs.

Some of my recipes include suggestions for substituting with top 8 free foods. If I offer a substitution, I will have tested it to make sure it is adaptable for taste, consistency and flavor.

Other than my daughter’s allergens, I cook with an extensive array of whole foods, flours, spices and alternative sweeteners. Occasionally, I stick to the classics and use traditional ingredients such as all purpose flour, butter and sugar. I believe that food should not be limiting even with food allergies.

Allergens can also be found in household and skincare products. If I share allergy friendly products on my blog or on social media, the above ingredients will be excluded.

Please check labels and ingredients each and every time.  Ingredients can change as well as manufacturing processes and facilities. For more, please see Copyright & Disclaimer Policy.