Recipe Testing for Salt Fat Acid Heat


Hi Friends,

I had the pleasure of doing some recipe testing for Samin Nosrat, a Chez Panisse Chef Alum. She was featured with Michael Pollan in the book( and series) Cooked. She also teaches her series: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat at 18 reasons cooking school in San Francisco, where I had the pleasure of meeting her. ย My husband Matt & I met in cooking school almost twelve years ago so last year in celebrationย of our first meeting, I set up a class with Chef Samin. It was so much fun. She taught us how to make a beautiful plum tart. We taste tested olive oil and sat down to a beautiful meal of nicoise salad and more. It was such a great way to relive our anniversary; ย meeting each other when we were young and less sleep deprived due to having children ๐Ÿ™‚

Samin’s book will be coming out sometime next year so keep an eye out. You can follow her on Instagram at ciaosamin or on her blog at ย The recipesย I tested were perfectly balanced with a unique blend of traditional Persian flavors. ย The first picture (shown above) is for a Kumquat vinaigrette. I was very excited to test this recipe because I have been obsessed with kumquats this season. I’ve been eating them chopped in salads and on their own. I just love their tart and sweet flavor combination! ย I can’t mention what was in any of these shots but all I can say is that you will not be disappointed.


North African Chermoula


Persian Beet Yogurt

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